Hong Kong Photo Contest 2023 winners announcement

05 Mar 2024

The Hong Kong Photo Contest 2023, organized by National Geographic magazine and presented by Wheelock Properties, announced the winners today. This year’s participation was very enthusiastic. Although only works shot within Hong Kong were accepted, in addition to local Hong Kong photographers, there were many participants from mainland China, Taiwan, Macau, Afghanistan, Australia, Canada, Ghana, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, the UK, the US, and many other overseas countries and regions.


This year’s contest was divided into six categories: city, ecology, landscape, people, historical architecture, and mobile photography, receiving a total of 9,205 entries. The judges of the Contest were Tim Laman, a famous ecological photographer from National Geographic, Tugo Cheng, a famous Hong Kong photographer, and Lee Yungshih, the editor-in-chief of the Chinese version of National Geographic magazine.


Tim Laman said, “I have been to Hong Kong several times, but it was eye-opening to view it through the eyes of local photographers who put the time in to find unique perspectives on the urban scene, capture the daily lives of its people, and even track down its wild creatures. It was a pleasure to serve as a judge for this Contest, and I congratulate the winners for the high standard of images that they have created.”


Another judge, Tugo Cheng, said, “We have received an amazing collections of works that tell unique stories of Hong Kong, from Victoria Harbour swimmers, late night Fruit Market to Horseshoe crabs trapped in shallow water. These images showcase not only the exceptional skills and creativity of our fellow photographers, but more importantly their vision and love for our city. We hope the newly introduced category of Historic Architecture would help raise the awareness of architecture and conservation of our built environment.”


Editor-in-chief Lee Yungshih said, “The National Geographic Hong Kong Photo Contest has once again attracted many excellent photographic works to participate. Although the homogeneity of themes or shooting locations is high from the shortlisted overall works, the final winning photographers have conveyed their own style and characteristics through their works, and there are many refreshing works. I am pleased to see the National Geographic Hong Kong Photo Contest become a stage for many photographers to perform, and I hope more creative and thoughtful photography enthusiasts will participate in this annual event.”


“It is our honour to have co-organised the Hong Kong Photo Contest with National Geographic for seven consecutive years, and we are very happy to have received over 9,200 submissions.  Each of the entries captures the captivating scenes of Hong Kong, fully showcasing the city as an international metropolis.  We hope that all the photography enthusiasts can continue to support the Hong Kong Photo Contest, bringing the unique charm of Hong Kong to the whole world.  In Art March, we will collaborate with SAVVY Bar Lounge Restaurant for the first time, exhibiting the award-winning works.  We will also offer afternoon tea and dinner set menus inspired by the theme of the Hong Kong Photo Contest, so guests can enjoy the artworks while indulging in delicious cuisine.” said Vice Chairman and Managing Director of Wheelock Properties, Mr. Ricky Wong.


The winning entries of "Organized by National Geographic Magazine Chinese Edition, Presented by Wheelock Properties: Hong Kong Photo Contest 2023" will be exhibited in physical exhibition and online virtual exhibition in parallel, allowing the global public to visit for free.

  1. Physical Exhibition︰Address:「SAVVY」- Level 3, Prince Hotel, No. 23 Canton Road, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Date: 3 – 24 March 2024
  2. Online Virtual Exhibition:



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